Bartley Town Autumn Folk Art Painting

1st Sep 2015

Its nice to create your own world the way you want it to be. 

The first thing you have to do is find the power of inner stillness that is within you. 

Upon discovering this place when creating a work of art a simple calmness comes over you.

Then you begin to feel energized with each stroke of the brush.  The world can be a stressful place somedays.

It feels good to disappear into my own world on my canvas. It can be very healing experience to feel your stress melt 

away as you get lost in defining ways with color that make you happy. I believe that creating art calls upon the natural 

healer within us and can lead us to spiritual healing.

My personal journey of spiritual growth has manifested itself through creative expression with various artist mediums. 

I have lost myself and all my cares during this process because I am so engrossed in the moment. Nothing else 

matters. My breathing slows and my mind opens to all possibilities. The sense of accomplishment that comes with 

creating a joyful place is very healing to body, mind and spirit. Spending time with your inner stillness and tapping 

into its hidden creativity  will empower your spirit. 

"Autumn Life in Bartley Town Folk Art Original Painting by Cheryl Bartley"