New painting 4th of July Celebration

New painting 4th of July Celebration

Posted by Cheryl Bartley on 1st Sep 2015

 Seaside 4th of July Celebration Folk Art

Cheryl Bartley "Folk Art for the Spirit"

This painting was so much fun to create. I had to reach deep into my childhood memories and do some traveling

around Northeastern Connecticut and the shoreline to find inspiration for this art work. It took me almost a year

to complete it. It is quite large 40w " x 36h" x 2"d. I hope it brings some joy into your life. I have been creating these 

large paintings for many years and many people find when they gaze upon them they forget about all their 

daily stress and begin to feel calm and relaxed. I find the use of bright colors and themes of everyday simple life 

evoke happiness which can lead to one's own spiritual healing in those who may need it. Many of my paintings have 

been purchased by Simlow Cancer Center at Yale CT. for their healing properties.