Red Barn Hill Golf Resort Original Painting

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  •  Original one of a kind folk art design by AmericanFolk Artist Cheryl Bartley
  •  Created with the finest acrylic paints on gallery wrapped canvas by Artist Cheryl Bartley. 
  •  Measures 24h" x 36w" x 3/4" Snapple free sideband painting continues on sides.
  •  It comes with hanging hardware and can be hung as is or you can frame it with frame of your choosing.
  • Shipped in a new cardboard box fully insure for purchase price.
One of a kind folk art painting depicts a Golfers paradise at Red Barn Hill Golf Club. The red Golf Barn on Golfer Dr. home to golf academy and caddy's. A sign on barn reads, "check your grip, keep your eye ( with eye ball) on the ball, left arm straight, slow back swing, follow thru- repeat. Lots of folks our front playing golf. A golf cart passes by the putting green along golfers Dr. Some golfers are watching and waiting for there turn on the island in center of the pond. On the other side of the old stone bridge a golfer is upset and trying to figure out how to get his ball out of the water. A Tee Time Clock keeps everyone moving along by the Golf and Spa, gift shop Pub.
Another barn houses the carts and club house. Up on the hill The Red Barn Hill Golf Cub Restaurant and Inn Has a big windmill churning with word swing on it. A sail boat cruses along the waters in the distance and so much more fun details. If you love golf then you will love this painting!